Our Favourite Shoe Stores

We like to think of ourselves as a “one stop shop” for all your sartorial needs from head to ankle, but where do you turn once you’ve got our new ensemble, and you’d like to get a killer pair of shoes to go with? 

We love shoes, and are often fielding questions from our clients as to where they should go to get the perfect pair, so we’ve rounded up some of our favourite local shoe stores below. 

Gravity Pope - 2205 W 4th - a Vancouver classic with one of the best collections of kicks from casual to black tie.  The staff are helpful and know what they’re talking about in terms of both fit and style.  They have classic styles, as well as fashion-forward picks, and their well-curated collection ranges in both price and formality - almost ensuring you’ll find what you’re looking for!  They also have a great online shop, featuring some exclusives you won’t fine in store.

Fluevog Shoes - multiple locations - perhaps geared more to our Artisanal Bespoke crew - John Fluevog has been crafting intricate, innovative shoes with his signature flair for nearly 50 years.  Looking for something to set you apart from the crowd?  Look no further!!

Have a local favourite we didn't mention?  Let us know!