Blair Shapera is an internationally renowned clothing designer with a diverse clientele which includes professional athletes and entertainment figures, as well as a "who's who" of the Vancouver business community.

Originally from Winnipeg, Blair has owned and operated retail enterprises all across Canada. These include two Roots franchises and a Lou Myles store, as well as his own stores, Tyrone, Tyrone Sport, and The Source.

Upon moving to Vancouver in 1989, Blair pioneered "reverse retail"—going to his clients' workplaces and homes and providing them with the ultimate in service. Blair's designs were soon the favored fashions of the Vancouver Grizzlies and Vancouver Canucks. Through player movement and word of mouth referrals, Blair soon had a loyal network of professional athlete clients all across North America. 

After ten years of nonstop travel, looking after his NBA and NHL customers, he decided to establish a brick and mortar presence again. This led to the purchase of Matz & Wozny, a legendary Vancouver institution that for 55 years has supplied the legal communities of BC and the Territories. In his tradition of creating beautiful retail stores, he has converted the location into a fresh and comfortable space to house his collection of custom designs, as well as bringing the court apparel business into the 21st century.